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How the Automatic Voltage Regulator works

       The function of the AVR is to automatically regulate the voltage of generators.
As the load on a generator increases, it's terminal voltage tends to drop.The AVR senses the drop in terminal voltage by measuring the generator voltage and boosts up the excitation to the field of the generator to maintain the terminal voltage at the set level.
       Similarly as the load on the generator falls, the terminal voltage is maintained by the AVR by reducing the excitation to the field. The AVR also measures the Generator stator current.
       There are various types of AVR with lots of features/limiters. These features include power factor limiter, stator capacitive current limiter, MVAR limiter and so on. Basically, the most important function is the control of the excitation of the field of the generator, based on the monitoring of the Generator terminal voltage and stator currents.


      POWER ELECTRONICS is an electronics maker company, operating since 1985 in Greece.

The company deals exclusively with hi quality universal AVR for electric power generators,

of all types and power supply capacities.


      Our products design philosophy is the bolt on-philosophy. Schematics are provided with every piece of equipment which help technicians in completing their tasks quickly and easily, without expertise.


      The Construction of our products is rugged and solid.

      The extended use of high precision industrial-grade analogue integrated circuits provides excellent performance even at high ambient temperatures, which could reach 80 degrees Celsius.

      Digital integrated circuits present serious malfunctions at ambient temperatures of only 50 degrees Celsius. This is a "starting" temperature in the ship's engine room. This is the reason behind the usage of analogue integrated circuits versus electronic systems using digital integrated circuits.

      Workmanship of the most advanced models, embody a pioneering technique of self-controlling system.

This self-controlling system checks for:

1. Correct phase sequence on U, V, W terminals
2. Proper polarity on current transformer's terminals
3. Correct phase identity at U, V, W terminals

      Life cycle of our products - when properly installed - exceed expectations. Systems installed on power generators more than 20 years ago (upon completion of testing) continue to work perfectly until now!


     Some comments of our clients about our products and services:

"Very reliable products".
"Easy to install and use without being an expert".
¨Installation drawings very clear and colorful".
¨Full support available from the company's design & support team".

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